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1 100077 IFFCO Company Pending Tagging of any other product with subsidised fertilizer Fake Cooperative Societies running in District Respected Sir I am resident of Punjab and in our state some of the fertilizers wholesalers have made co-operatives societies on the names of their family members and employees etc. All the members belonging to same family of such private co-operatives have no agriculture land. They are taking 1000?s tones of urea from government companies by making such private co-operatives and manipulating both small dealers and farmers by charging higher prices of Urea fertilizer and tagging pesticides along with the subsidized urea fertilizer. The Urea is being given to private dealers in huge quantity by the mutual understanding of dealer, company employee & Co-operative deptt. Sometimes imported Urea being given by companies only to co-operatives is diverted for industrial use. These people make obstacle for companies to supply urea to private co-operatives instead of government co-operatives by illicit ways. They often tag farmers pesticides at very higher rates during the period when urea is not available.This Practice is mainly found in IFFCO which is one of the biggest government sector company. Therefore we request you to please stop government companies supplying urea to private dealers under name of co-operatives so that farmers may not be harassed by such people.
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